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Company Profile

MFI enjoys an advantageous position in
the heart of Thailand’s richest farmland
in northern Thailand

Established in Oct 1999, Majestic Food Industry (MFI) is the one of the leading canned corn processing manufacturers in Thailand.

Located in Lampang Province in northern Thailand, MFI enjoys an advantageous position in the heart of some of Thailand’s richest farmland surrounded by an abundant supply of fresh agriculture produce, especially sweet corn and baby corn.
As the 2nd food processing factory of Sun Lee Group, MFI is focusing on manufacturing and exporting Sunlee branded products. Operating with a global network of brand agents in strategic export markets, MFI currently supplies Sunlee branded products in more than 70 countries around the world.

Our full commitment to quality control includes applying the highest international standards right across the cultivation and production process in order to produce quality products that are recognized and trusted around the world.

To ensure a consistent supply of high-quality raw farm produce, MFI works in close collaboration with the farmers in our network. We go to great lengths to educate them on how to apply the latest techniques and technologies that empower them to cultivate effectively.

Dedicated to continuous improvement while maintaining environmentally-friendly manufacturing standards, our factory is spread across 32 acres, with 35,000 square meters of facilities and 700 full time workers. We are able to process 120,000 metric tons
of raw materials and produce over 4,500 containers (TUEs) of finished products per year.

In response to everchanging consumer demands, MFI also invests heavily in research and development and in the application of new innovations to improve and expand the portfolio of Sunlee branded products while also ensuring sustainable business development.

Committed to product quality control
according to international standard
for global quality